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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sign Me Up

If you saw my house, you would notice the collection of Elle, Vogue, and InStyle sprinkled on night stands, coffee tables, and desks. Usually before I go out and buy a magazine I will wander to it's website for a preview. In today's meandering, I ended up on the Astrology page on, curious to see if they had switched over to the New Zodiac Chart. According to the New Chart I am no longer a Capricorn...I am a Sagittarius.

I remembered the piece Joe Zee and Astrologist Susan Miller did in the November issue about zodiac specific style and I wanted to do a quick compare/contrast.

Photo and exerpt via

Susan’s Take: Fresh-faced and natural, Sagittarius prefers elegant, relaxed, and unpretentious clothing that allows for ease and speed—she’s on the go!
Joe’s Take: I’m a Sagittarius and always rushing from place to place (or plane to plane), so I have to be ready to roll at all times. Like PR assistant Emily Gambir, I never want to look too done up. Emily’s classic trench, white T-shirt, and black leather pants (all of which I also own, minus the leather) get her where she needs to go without drowning her out. Sag has enough to say without her clothes speaking too.
Photo: Thomas Whiteside; styled by Joe Zee

Photo and exerpt via
Susan’s Take: Capricorn’s look is well-bred, understated. Like Prada’s New York City store manager Chi Kim, Capricorns always manage to look like they come from wealth—the old-money kind—even if they don’t.
Joe’s Take: There’s a silent-killer quality with a Capricorn. She’s grounded, secure, practical. There’s not a lot of fuss in her style, but it’s never sloppy or drab; a true Cap will put an intelligent spin on the simplest basic. For Chi, we paired a simple fitted top (nipped jacket, men’s shirt), with high-waisted jersey harem pants—a little twist that makes a big difference.
Photo: Thomas Whiteside; styled by Joe Zee

 From the looks of it Sagittarius and Capricorn are about the same except that Sagittarius has a bit more edge to her. I think I might be both. Depending on the day. What say you? What sign or signs (old or new) do you relate to?

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