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Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Day of Writing

As a fairly new blogger, I find that developing my content is number one on my list of things to do concerning the growth of From Jasmine With Love. While I am definitely interested in increasing my readers and comments, gaining sponsorship and monetizing FJWL, I need to give people a reason to read, comment, and share which will lead to sponsorship, possibly money, and the ultimate goal New York Fashion Week.
So upon my discovery that today was the National Day of Writing, I decided to share some helpful hints from the National Council of Teachers of English on writing basics. For anyone who happens upon my little piece of the world wide web and is having the same issues I am, also to give myself a reference point when I am at a complete loss on what to write about.

"Writing about things you know and care about is important for several reasons. For one, it usually makes writing much easier: If you are writing from personal experiences, you can spend more energy on adding creative twists to a story that already exists. Second, if you are writing about something you care about, you usually have a deeper sense of the subject and will have more information from which to write. Choosing topics or experiences that you care about will develop a sense of "you" which only you can create." 

In school, when I learned the basics of writing, the first things they taught was The Writing Process; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Unless you have magic fingers that type brilliance every time they hit a keyboard, you probably have some method to the madness of getting your thoughts out to the world.  Do you like to have a precise outline of your thoughts? Do you allow your unrestricted thought process burst onto the page and then edit (or not)? Whatever it is you have to find what works for you.

 Aside from your outstanding sense of personal style and amazing photography skills, you need something that makes your readers say "I wonder what Leandra is talking about today?" The first line of your writing is what hooks readers into reading further and coming back for more. So you have to have a killer introduction! Obviously, bloggers usually write a few short lines on what they are wearing or doing or promoting and not pulling out full length essays, but even so those few lines must be showstopping! Using techniques like a quote, description, or question will help lure readers in and if they are new to your blog, they will want to see what you said before and be anxious to read what you say tomorrow!

Besides content, connecting with your audience is the most important thing for personal writing endeavors, especially blogging. If you don't connect, they won't come back! Know who you are writing to and what they want to hear. 

I found when I first started exploring the world of blogging, my favorite blogs were somewhat predictable. I looked forward (and still do) to Emily's Five Things on Friday and love seeing Erika's A Day with Fashion Chalet videos. If you organize your posts, then not only does it give readers something to look forward to, it takes the guesswork out of your daily post. Keeps readers clicking their way to you and keeps your supply of Excedrin Migraine stocked.

So many things can cause a blogger to get writers block. Personal issues, too many projects, and the lack of inspiration can just stop our daily posting routine. Small things like taking a walk, reading an old journal, or putting together a dream/inspiration board can get the ball rolling again. But whatever you do don't get discouraged you will blog again!

Before you go out, are your nails dirty, hair unwashed (all manrepellers exempt), teeth not brushed? I think not! So should it be with your writing. Before you post anything for the masses to read make sure it is well thought out and polished. Make sure you haven't veered off subject and that all typos are intentional. If it helps read your writing allowed or to someone else. Just make sure every piece you write sparkles and shines and post something you are proud of.

I am sure that there is a vast library of photos and interesting anecdotes you have to choose from (if you are this blessed I envy you) and one of the hardest decisions may be which one is relevant from day to day. One great thing about blogging is that you can post whatever you want! It just depends on what you want your readers to ponder for that day or what inspiration is hitting you the hardest. The key is to be relevant and passionate about whatever it is.

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  1. Thank you!

    I'm inspired to continue with those videos, thanks for the support :)


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