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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Sindy and Nef

Before becoming a wife and mother, I had the amazing experience of working in the dance industry. The Lord ordered my steps and opened the door for me to work at Dance411 Studios in Atlanta, GA the absolute BEST dance studio in the South! Dance411 was started by Sindy Schneider and Nefertiti Robinson, these women taught me so much about the importance of loving what you do on a daily basis and working tirelessly to be successful. Nefertiti is the sister of Choreographer Extraordinaire, Fatima Robinson so when I saw this on Style Like U, it hit a special place in my heart.

StyleLikeU Closet Interview With Fatima Robinson from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Is there a word that means Extraordinary, Outstanding, Magnificent? If there is, that is how I would describe  Sindy and Nef, and the experience I had working with them. A couple of times I had the opportunity to be in Fatima's presence (although this is the most I have ever heard her talk) and she is...

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