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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ma Petite File: Christmas Wish List

"Mommy, it's Christmas!" This is what I hear everyday as we are driving through the streets of our little city. Naomi just loves seeing all the lights and decoration and cannot stop telling me what she wants for Christmas. I am so amazed at how big she is and excited that she is finally starting to realize and understand what the holiday means. Hubby and I are trying to teach her the real meaning of Christmas but she is not quite interested in that yet. All she knows is that if she's a good girl, Santa will bring her lots of presents...great bargaining tool for critical moments with a two year old temper.

While she is concerned with baby dolls, baby doll clothes, baby doll houses, baby doll accessories...are you catching the theme, I am more concerned with all the clothes I wish she could get for all the photo ops that come with the Christmas Season...

{Juicy Couture}

{Isabel Garreton}

{Ralph Lauren}
{Mini Melissa}

{Mini Me}
 I couldn't resist putting at photo of my Love up. Obviously this is from the summer but can't you just picture her in all those great outfits!!! She is too cute!!!!
What's your wishlist for the special little one in your life?


  1. Those little moccasins are great! I love the fringe detail at the top. Great pick!


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