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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Travel Troubles

Good Morning Lovies!!! Today is Wednesday... AKA Humpday...but more like Friday for me! Tomorrow I am headed out to Las Vegas!!! I am ridiculously excited! Going for a business conference but meeting one of my best friends in the whole world at the same time. No Hubby, no Naomi, just ME!!!! So ready! 

Usually when I know I am taking a trip, especially to see ridiculously gorgeous people like my bestie, I try to diet and lose a couple before hand only to throw it to the wind while I am on vacay and indulge, indulge, indulge. As a result, whatever routine I was keeping before vacation is ruined and all the weight I lost is back with a vengeance. Typically it takes me at least a month to get back on track again. This time around I am definitely trying to "get my mind right" and understand that just because I am on a break doesn't mean I can breakdown, eating and drinking everything in sight (although there will be alcohol involved this weekend, I mean it's Vegas). This way when I return from my travels, I can jump back into my routine with no time lost and no pounds gained. 

To help me prepare, I found Top 6 Tips for Traveling on a Diet, or for me while committing to a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. However you’re traveling, pack some healthy, tasty snacks such as low-fat crisps and sandwiches, fruit, diet drinks and low-sugar cereal bars so that you’ll be less tempted to buy higher-fat snacks. It’ll save both lbs and pennies!
  2. It might be tempting to eat at every opportunity when you’re traveling because you don’t know when you’ll next have the chance. But if you’re relying on food from service stations, airports, buffet cars and ferry terminals much of it is likely to be high in fat and calories. Fortunately, most sandwiches, rolls, crisps, ice creams and chocolate bars contain calorie information on the packaging, so use this information to choose the healthier options.
  3. Sucking the odd ‘travel’ sweet won’t do any harm, but try not to work your way through the whole tin! Boiled sweets can easily contain up to 20 calories each – and they soon add up on long journeys. Keep your mouth busy with sugar-free gum and save those calories for a holiday cocktail instead.
  4. If you’re flying, avoid eating just before taking off. Even if you're not hungry, you'll probably eat the in-flight meal out of boredom. Airline meals provide around 600 calories and even though you’re eating them at altitude, the calories still count!
  5. Skip all the extras that come with in-flight meals. Give the butter and roll a miss, avoid the cheese and don’t add the salad dressing if it’s in a separate sachet. Also skip those little packets of savories that are served with drinks – each pack can contain around 100 calories.
  6. Don’t drink too much alcohol when you’re flying. It might be free, but too much will leave you dehydrated (which can make jet lag worse), give you a headache and pile on the pounds. Mini bottles of spirits such as gin, vodka, whiskey and rum provide a double measure so allow 100 calories per bottle and ask for slimline mixers. Beer tends to come in small cans so allow around 95 calories per can, while a small bottle of wine contains around 150 calories. Fruit juice is just 50 calories per glass, but it’s easy to drink vast amounts on a long haul flight so if you’re feeling thirsty, have water instead.

Note taken. I am traveling in the morning which is the time I have my biggest meal. I usually fall victim to airport food and pick up a Cinnabon for the flight....guess I am going to be skipping that and pulling out a granola bar, fruit, and's gonna be a long flight but I can do it!!! 

Do you have any tips on how to stay on track while traveling?

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