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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I forgot...

Before a couple of days ago, I hadn't posted in some time, close to six months to be exact. Getting used to two taking care of two small girls plus my big man, along with moving into a new house and other things that happen in life had my mind preoccupied. So I forgot..I forgot how much I love reading and gaining inspiration from all the talented bloggers I follow. So after six months, a lazy Sunday, and a lot of catching up, I remembered….

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2 Years Later...

Hello all!!! So in November of 2011 I wrote about My First DIY….and I am proud to say that it is done!!!! Yes, 2 years later (literally), but it is done and my big girl loves it! I am quite proud of it myself considering it is my first and how much time it took…But anyway, here is the before and after.

I found these knobs at Lowe's and when I saw them I knew Naomi would love them. They match the paint perfectly and completed my vision…

On to the next one!!!! What will it be? A desk made vanity!!! I am so excited! Until next time!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Love Your {Baby} Bag

Well folks, Noelle will be here in a month. Literally, June 3rd my precious girl will enter the world. So as you might imagine, I am in a quiet (sometimes not so) panic about everything being just so for her arrival. One of the main issues I have been dealing with is what type of diaper bag to buy! 

With Naomi, I used one I received as a gift. It was a traditional baby bag and I have no clue where it is now. It wasn't quality, cute, nor did it have the storage I was looking for. I had to carry a purse along with the bag and that plus a baby, stroller, and whatever else I was dealing with was not a good look. This go round I am looking for something that doesn't look at all like a baby bag and is spacious enough to fit essentials for Noelle, Naomi, and myself.

I am steering clear of anything that is nylon with a loud print. Here is are some favorites I have come across. 
Untitled #19

(left to right, top to bottom)
1. Not Rational Amy Leather Diaper Bag- $720 at
2. Dawn Convertible Diaper Bag by Timi and Leslie- $ 150 at
3. Rachel Convertible Diaper Bag by Timi and Leslie- $160 at
4.Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags Charlie II- $ 160 at
5. Firenze Leather Organisation Diaper Bag by PacaPod- $410 at
6.  Hayley Convertible Diaper Bag By Timi & Leslie- 170 at

I am totally dreaming about #1, there is no way I would spend so much on a diaper bag!!! Would you?
Which ones are your favorites?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Plus Size, Plus One

Last time I posted, I was bursting with excitement that I have another baby girl on the way. Now, 5 months later, I just feel like bursting. Noelle Sinclair will be here in six and a half weeks and I am getting bigger everyday. With the changing seasons and after not shopping for what feels like 2 years, I want to buy new clothes, but options for plus size maternity are nil. While I am still going for cute, I am more focused on comfort, versatility, and washability (if that's a word). I need pieces I can throw in the wash (to remove the baby gook) and put back in rotation. With a 4 year old and a newborn I will not have time to take anything to the cleaners! I have been searching the internet and have found that Forever 21 among some other brands are perfect for my budget and style.
Here are a few picks from Forever 21.

Plus Size +1

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's A Girl!!!

 I am over the moon people!!!! Noelle Sinclair will be arriving early Summer!
Naomi is so excited to be a big sister! I will keep you all posted on our progress!!!

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