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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Colors

Hi Darlings!!!

Happy First Day of Fall!

This year has gone by ridiculously fast, but I am so excited about the arrival of my favorite season! Here in North Carolina we get the most beautiful Fall. The leaves change and it seems that the air gets a bit fresher, but my favorite thing is when I start to smell lit fireplaces in the air. We aren't completely there yet, there are still some days when it feels like the middle of July, but it's coming soon! No matter, I am still busting out the fall colors! 

Burgundy is my favorite! Every fall it is the color that I gravitate towards the most and these pants from ASOS are perfect for those "summerish" days.

Blazer~ Old Navy:: Blouse~ Talbots:: Pants~ ASOS:: Shoes~ Forever21:: Bag~ Coach::Jewelry~ CharmingCharlie and Anthropologie

 Have a wonderful Tuesday!

All My Love,


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